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Zak Harris

Zak Harris Online Support Team

My first overseas mission experience was in 2011 when I spent six weeks in Turkey. During that time God opened my eyes to what a life involved in cross cultural ministry would look like, and it changed me forever. In March of that same year I met Tracy and 7 months later we were married, once again changing my life forever! Together we enjoy traveling and leading a community group through our church Risen Life.

I was introduced to Hungry For Life (HFL) in 2012 when my church entered into a partnership with a Pastor in Guatemala facilitated by HFL, and sent a team there for 10 days. The next year when Risen Life was planning on making a second trip, I was trained as an HFL team leader led the team from my church. Having felt a call to ministry, my wife and I both believe that a staff position with HFL is the next step in that journey. Thank you for choosing to partner with us as part of our support team with Hungry For Life!

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